Noble Defender Huntsman Suppressor

Designed for hunting and purpose-built for hunters. 

Ready for your bolt-action or modern sporting rifles.

Precision machined and hand fit. This is not a mass produced, assembly-line product w/ robotic welds. These suppressors are machined with aerospace grade precision (by machinists who make military grade aerospace parts) and then hand-fitted and assembled.

Featuring Noble Defender’s Air Buffer Technology
The Huntsman includes a heat-sink style inner core with a flow-through air chamber between the heat sink and the outer tube of the suppressor. The AirBuffer insulates the shooter from the radiant heat associated with putting rounds through the suppressor. The AirBuffer slows the heating and speeds the cooling of both the outer surface of the suppressor and the internal baffles. This increases the lifespan of the suppressor and makes it faster to remove the suppressor from the host firearm when needed.