Genesis Arms GEN-12 10.5″ Braced Firearm – Tim Kennedy Edition


Custom Tim Kennedy Edition – FDE Cerakote Paint & Flared Magwell!

Genesis Arms was approached by a government entity with the request to design and produce a breaching shotgun. They accepted the challenge and advised that we would make a mission specific GEN-12. The conflict they faced was in the reciprocating barrel, as their standard GEN-12 model was not intended to be deployed as a breaching shotgun. To explain, if the standard GEN-12 was deployed to breach and the muzzle was pressed into a door-jam, then the barrel would be depress rearward. This would prohibit the short recoil system from gaining momentum to cycle the bolt carrier group and would essentially give the user a single shot/pump 12 gauge. To overcome this, the SBM line integrates a new patent pending system and allows for the muzzle device to be fixed in place. The SBM line still maintains the optimized short recoil system giving the end user a professional grade GEN-12.

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