Blackout Defender Drop-In Trigger – AR-15 (Flat)



The short 2mm reset makes the Zero trigger one of the fastest on the market.  The reset is also positive, which facilitates even faster shooting during training or competition.  The trigger, hammer, and disconnector are EDM cut and then polished with brass wire to a micron finish in all critical contact areas for a friction-less engagement.  The trigger tail is enlarged and its shape modified to cup the safety drum for safety and to eliminate pre-travel.  The pull-weight and disconnector set screws are also welded after loctite for safety and a lifetime of use.

In short, all of the features of the Zero™ trigger are designed to offer a shooting experience that is exceptionally smooth, crisp, and fast.

*0.1540 inch diameter trigger pins are required. Undersized and out-of-spec trigger pins will cause the trigger to malfunction.

*NOT Compatible with AR-10 or Pistol Caliber Carbines.

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