The Huntsman Suppressor

Precision machined & hand fit by aerospace technicians for the modern hunter.  Coming Early 2023!

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A Noble Defender is a utility player. A renaissance man with a weapon. Ready to serve. Ready to protect. Ready to adventure.  He’s wild at heart and a jack of all trades – master of most. He loves his family. Loves his work. And loves his God.
He’s a thinker and a learner. Obsessed with personal growth. He values the good word of a mentor more than formal education.

He has the means and presence to protect his community with his body, but the words and passion to protect with his mind.

He is living for his eulogy – not his resume. He wants to be known for who he is and how he’s loved more than what he’s accomplished. He is always prepared. Prepared for the unseen. The hardship. And the trials.
We don’t make noble defenders. They already exist. We simply build tactical weapons accessories to equip the Noble Defender.  Our products are built to last, made to perform, and ready for action.

Let it be known that in a fearful world, you will be constant, confident, and courageous. You will be bold, brave, and candid. You will be a Noble Defender.



Next-generation suppressors to hunt, defend, and protect. Ear protection should be optional.

Modular Storage

Weapon racks and storage solutions should be customizable, easy-to-use, and durable, and that’s exactly what we’re building.

Weapon Accessories

We’re developing countless accessories to equip the Noble Defender.